Better health benefits for remote workers

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Savvy for remote teams

Remote work needs a new type of health benefit

Employer health insurance has been the same for 100 years. It wasn't built to work for the distributed, remote workforces of the future.
Health insurance challenges faced by remote teams
Health plans can be limited to single states
Multi-state plans are up to 2x as expensive as other options, or with restrictive requirements
Employees face poor local network coverage, even with multi-state plans
Challenging for employers to administer plans across multiple states
Introducing Savvy

Health insurance for remote employees

With Savvy, you give your employees tax-free money for health care, and we help them find individual health insurance that works for their unique budget and health needs. Savvy is flexible - you can replace your group plan completely, or only use Savvy for remote employees in specific states.
The best local health plans for every employee
We help employees find the best local plans. Employees can keep their local doctors and hospitals in-network, and don’t have to worry about limited coverage or network issues with group plans.
Set it and forget it, across all 50 states
Savvy is quick to setup and handles all ongoing employee questions and administration. It works no matter which state your employees are located. Health is the most important benefit you can give your employees, and it works on autopilot.
No-admin experience
No participation requirements, multi-state hurdles, or standing up multiple group plans in different states. Today, health insurance can take over 13 hours to manage every month. Savvy takes just a few minutes.
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