Flexible health insurance stipends for high growth companies and remote teams

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Why Savvy

The new model for employee health benefits

Set a healthcare budget for your employees
Invite your employees
Employees spend their tax-free budget on any insurance plan or pay for their existing insurance
With Savvy, employees pick from brand-name insurance carriers
Learn about health insurance details and group plans
Get feedback from your team about what they need in a health plan
Work with a broker to pick one plan for your company out of 50-100 available
Enroll your employees - sometimes with paper forms and faxes
Answer ongoing employee questions and handle carrier issues
Deal with steep annual price increases (10-50%+) and repeat plan selection each year

Hear from our customers

Ivan L.
Founder, Datasaur.ai
Easy to use
“I'm building my second company and I know from experience how much of a pain health insurance can be. Savvy is very flexible - employees get to pick the plan that works for them, wherever they are, and I don't have to manage group health insurance for the company.”
Choosing Savvy over other options
"We were ready to sign up with a traditional group health insurance plan when we found Savvy. It was clear they were different because they made it all so easy. I didn't have to sort through healthcare jargon and lock my team into a single plan. Instead, they helped our employees find the best plans for their unique needs. It just made more sense."
Landon B.
CEO, Wren
Maroof A, MD
Health benefits for remote workers
"As a healthcare company, we know that providing high-quality health benefits to a remote team across multiple states can be difficult, to say the least. I was incredibly relieved to come across Savvy. I give my team a budget for health insurance and Savvy takes care of the rest. It's that easy."
Great for busy founders
"Competitive health benefits are an important part of maintaining and growing our team. However, it can be extremely cumbersome to manage, and founders have to do it all by themselves. The Savvy team helps by picking a plan that works for each one of our employees individually, and managing it directly with them. Everybody is happy and satisfied in the end!"
Maria F.
Brian L.
Founder, Hideout
Savvy for different types of employees
"As a restaurant business, we believe part-time employees deserve health insurance too, but adding them to a group plan is cost prohibitive. Savvy helped our employees find plans that provided great coverage and let us offer a stipend to cover part of the cost."
Fast setup
"We got started in just a few minutes. Savvy makes it super easy and handled everything we needed!"
Abhi C.
CFO, Hutsy
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Key Features

Health benefits made easy

Five minute setup
As simple as setting a budget. You can set different amounts based on full-time, part-time, employee location, and more. We will onboard your employees and do the rest.
Employee choice
Employees can pick the best plan for them. We help them find a health plan for their individual needs and budget, no matter where they are.
For all types of teams
Full-time, part-time, or remote. From a founding team to 100s of employees, Savvy supports a wide variety of use cases. We make giving flexible health benefits to a team with diverse needs hassle free.
Human support
Talk to a dedicated benefits advisor anytime. Text, chat, email or call, we are here to support you 24/7.

Simple pricing for everything you need

Dedicated benefits advisor
Payroll sync
IRS + HIPAA compliance
Legal documents
Year-round support for employers and employees
$ 20 / month
per enrolled employee, per month
+ $100 activation fee per company
$ 204 / year
per enrolled employee, per year
+ $100 activation fee per company
Learn more about stipends for healthcare. Speak with a Savvy advisor!
Knowledge center

Learn more about employer health benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I save money with Savvy?
If switching from a traditional group health plan to Savvy, your health benefit will go from a variable cost, with carriers demanding 10-50%+ annual premium increases, to a fixed cost model, where you control the budget each year. Moreover, individual plan prices with Savvy may be more affordable and stable year-over-year.

If you don't offer a health benefit today, we help your employees pay for insurance with pre-tax dollars. This means employees saving ~35%+ on health insurance vs. purchasing insurance on their own.
How does Savvy work? What is the legal structure behind Savvy?
Savvy allows you to set a budget for your employees to buy health insurance. Once you set a budget, your employees have freedom to purchase any plan they need. This structure is called an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement or "ICHRA". This is a new kind of employer health benefit that was only available for the first time in 2020. It allows your employees to purchase their own health insurance from the individual market but with the same tax benefits as a traditional company group health plan.
Is this like a group health plan?
Like a traditional group health plan, this is a health benefit offered by an employer to its employees. This means tax savings for both employers and employees. Unlike a group health plan, the employer is no longer responsible for selecting and managing health plans. Instead, employers simply give employees a budget and employees are free to select any health plan that works for their budget and personal health needs.
Do you offer dental or vision insurance?
Yes, employees can purchase dental and vision coverage through Savvy. Savvy offers supplemental dental and vision insurance from leading national insurance carriers.
Can I sign up at any time? What if I am currently on a group health plan?
Yes! You can sign up for Savvy at any point in the year. When your employees are offered a new health benefit with Savvy, they qualify for a special enrollment and can enroll in a new health insurance plan or keep their existing insurance plan. If you currently have a group health plan, you can switch off at any time with no penalties.
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