The easiest way to get health benefits for your startup or small business

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Get setup in minutes, not weeks
Choose how much money to give employees for healthcare, tax-free.
Invite your employees.
Savvy guides employees as they purchase any insurance plan or keep existing insurance.
How we are different
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Traditional group health insurance
Employees can choose any plan
With Savvy, employees can choose any plan on the market. With traditional brokers, employers must preselect 1 or 2 "one-size-fits-all" health plans.
Setup in minutes
Savvy takes minutes of setup vs. weeks of back-and-forth with traditional brokers.
Flexible employer contribution
With Savvy, you can offer any amount to your employees for health care. Traditional brokers require minimum contributions of 50%+ of plan cost.
Any number of employees can participate
Savvy has no minimum employee participation. Traditional brokers require 50%+ employees to opt-in.
No employer administration
Savvy handles all day-to-day administration. With traditional brokers, business owners spend hours every week managing administration and employee questions.
Tax savings for employees and employers
With Savvy, employer and employee health plan contributions are pre-tax, saving 30-40% of plan cost on payroll taxes.
Access 50+ brand-name carriers across the US
Simple pricing for everything you need
$20 / month
Per employee
+ $100 annual setup fee
Legal documents
Employee onboarding
Insurance selection support
Tax reporting
Payroll sync
IRS & HIPAA compliance
Dedicated customer support
Say goodbye to complicated health benefits
Instant setup, no administration, great for employees. Try Savvy now.
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