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Local plan options for every remote employee

Zoom rooms and remote work are the new downtown office. Employees are moving to new states and many companies are accelerating remote hiring. But as companies embrace remote work, they face a new set of compliance and HR challenges. Enter Deel — a compliance, payroll, and HR platform for remote workers.

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Comprehensive coverage

Like its clients, Deel has a widely distributed and quickly growing team. Deel found it impossible to provide healthcare to its geographically diverse employee population. Group plans lacked the network to adequately cover all of Deel's employees. At the same time, Deel worried about employees being forced to navigate the health insurance maze on their own.

"With our team spread across the US, we knew our employees needed options for their healthcare, but we didn't want employees to have to figure it out on their own."

Hands-on support

After exploring many options, Deel chose to partner with Savvy and offer an ICHRA stipend to its US-based team. In doing so, Deel employees can purchase any plan available in their locale. Savvy's concierge team is there each step of the way, answering questions and ensuring Deel employees enroll in the plans that best suit their needs.

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"Savvy gave us confidence that employees had access to the right individual healthcare, regardless of where they live," said Chloe. "This is the way healthcare should work."

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